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Our Approach

Look on the bright side of life and stay always positive and energetic always. We have to refine our mind and exercise our mind with brain food that is puzzles and mind games. So Always remain positive and see the bright side of our life, Keep yourself always busy with some creative work. Stay Blessed !!!!

Our Story

We started our youtube channel as a fun!!! but people are liking this just anything else.

We achieved our milestones like as

1000 SUBSCRIBERS: 18th Dec 2017

10,000 SUBSCRIBERS: 26th Dec 2017

20,000 SUBSCRIBERS: 31st Dec 2017

50,000 SUBSCRIBERS: 4th Feb 2018

100k SUBSCRIBERS: 6th Feb 2018

200k SUBSCRIBERS: 12th Feb 2018.

300k SUBSCRIBERS: 10th March 2018.

700k Subscribers: Nov 2018


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